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What Is Clean Beauty?

by Avvai Beauty 10 Jul 2023

With thousands of new trends, products and technologies showing up every day, the makeup and beauty world can be hard to navigate. Lately, “clean” beauty has been generating a lot of buzz. Clean beauty has no set definition but generally refers to only using safe ingredients. You might be asking yourself, “doesn’t all makeup use only safe ingredients?”, and you are right to do so. After all, why would companies purposely put in harmful ingredients?
Some of these harmful ingredients find their way into the manufacturing process whereas others are purposefully put in to improve performance. A quick look at the ingredients list of your cult-favorite makeup brand will show you just how many of these are in there. However, this isn’t all, other ingredients will still be hidden under labels like “fragrance,” an umbrella term. Ingredients such as phthalates, talc and coal tar can be extremely dangerous in makeup products as your skin absorbs what is put on it. Certain ingredients have also been linked to problems varying from mild irritation to cancer, yet are still being used.
This is why clean beauty is extremely important and should find its way into everyone’s makeup routines. At Avvai, we believe in 100% transparent clean beauty – beauty backed by scientific evidence so you know exactly what goes into your products. We avoid ingredients derived from animals, ingredients that have proven to be or are suspected to be dangerous, and ingredients that are harmful for the environment. We use safe and nature-inspired ingredients with added benefits to ensure only the best products are put onto your skin!

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