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How to make your beauty routine eco-friendly

by Avvai Beauty 13 Jul 2023

Makeup and beauty products aren’t the first things you think of when you want to be more eco-friendly, but we’re here to tell you that they’re worth the thought! 
Some makeup brands still test on animals or use animal derived ingredients. Harmful ingredients and chemicals are washed down our sinks and into our ecosystems, which can be very damaging! Makeup is also usually packaged in multiple layers of plastic. Considering that we use multiple products on ourselves every day, it is time for us to make this process more sustainable. Here are 5 easy tips that you can implement in your lives today!

  1. Use a reusable pad to remove your makeup instead of single use cotton rounds.
  2. Look for multipurpose products to reduce the number of products you apply on your skin as well as packaging.
  3. Buy products that are made with post consumer recycled material. Find out more about this here
  4. Read the label! Look for products without harmful ingredients for your skin and the environment’s safety. Avoid petrochemicals such as Benzene or Butanol. 
  5. Switch to bamboo toothbrushes instead of purchasing another plastic one! Their soft bristles have also been known to be gentler on your teeth. 
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