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General Questions

Avvai is pronounced as “aa-wa-ii” (like Hawaii but without the H)!

There is just so much confusion in the clean beauty industry. What makes Avvai Beauty different is that we want to demystify clean beauty for you so you can really enjoy clean makeup. We created the ‘transparent clean beauty’ category so you don’t have to do investigative work just to buy clean makeup.

Here are some other things that make us cool:

  • We publish all our ingredient information so you know everything is clean, vegan, and cruelty-free.
  • We believe in sustainability, makeup can be created without excess waste. This is why we have recyclable and re-purposable packaging.
  • We are one of the Middle East’s first clean makeup brands!

Intrigued? Try our clean makeup formulas to see the what makes Avvai Beauty cool here!

Clean beauty means that products are thoughtfully formulated to avoid any known or suspected harmful ingredients to your health. These harmful ingredients are often linked to hormone disruption, reproductive problems, neurological system, cancer, and even simple skin irritation. This means only safe ingredients make it into clean makeup products. You can learn more clean beauty and makeup here.

We decided to take clean beauty one step further. The world of clean beauty is incredibly confusing. We created the category of transparent clean beauty because we believe in complete transparency. You can find out more about our approach to transparent clean beauty here.

All of Avvai Beauty’s clean makeup products are completely vegan. We promise to never use any animal derived ingredients in our clean makeup products.

Never. We love animals and all our clean makeup products are made in a 100% cruelty-free facility.

Yes, we believe that sustainability is important in clean makeup packaging. Our lipsticks are made from 100% PCR (Post Consumer Recycled), while our clean eyebrow pencils can be repurposed as a brush and we also use recyclable packaging for our boxes. You can find out more here.

Yes. You can add a gift message and you can also select the luxury box packaging to make the gift extra special.

We wish we could give you a direct answer but this really depends on each makeup brand’s philosophy. Many makeup brands can claim to be natural/organic/vegan/ but that doesn’t mean they are safe. For example, they can claim to have natural/organic/vegan makeup but they might also have some harmful ingredients, this is known as ‘greenwashing’ as they use these claims to market their products. The only way to know if your makeup is safe is to understand the ingredients list or to talk to an expert. You can learn more about understanding clean ingredients on our blog here or by having a look at our Avvai Avoids Ingredient List here. You can also book a personal video call with us here or message us here with your questions.

YES! We love talking to you. If you want help creating a clean beauty routine then you can book a personal video call with us here or message us here!

Shipping Questions

We deliver to over 200 countries. Please go to the checkout page to find out if we deliver to you.

Local shipping within the UAE is AED 13/ USD 4. For international shipping rates, please go to the checkout page.

If you can’t wait and want your products sooner, send us an email at or send us a WhatsApp message on +97 15 29815374 and we can try arrange a special delivery for you!

Yes. Send us an email on or send us a WhatsApp message on +97 15 29815374 and we will get back to you with options to get you your clean makeup ASAP.

Uh oh! Don’t worry, quickly send us an email at or send us a Whatsapp message on +97 15 29815374 and we will try our best to help you.