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Why lipsticks should be your first clean beauty switch

by Avvai Beauty 18 Jul 2023

If you’re confused about what product to switch out first, lipsticks are a great place to start for multiple reasons! 
It is not uncommon for lipstick to end up in your mouth one way or another. Whether it’s an accidental flick of the wrist that results in lipstick on your teeth or just unknowingly ingesting it while eating. 
Did you know that an average woman will ingest almost 2 kgs of lipstick throughout her life? This can be extremely harmful when you consider some of the ingredients that are put into lipsticks. BHA and Methylparaben are both common ingredients found in lipsticks. They have been linked to issues like cancer and endocrine disruption. 
The skin on your lips is also significantly thinner than everywhere else. This means that any harmful ingredients on your lips will get absorbed into your bloodstream quicker than elsewhere.
Switching to clean lipsticks ensures that no harmful ingredients are absorbed into your bloodstream or ingested. It also allows you to reapply your favourite shade as many times as you want knowing you are using only the safest ingredients! Click here to get your clean beauty lipstick ASAP!

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