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Are all chemicals unsafe?

by Avvai Beauty 13 Jul 2023

There is no doubt that the beauty industry has instilled fear in us about ALL chemicals being extremely harmful for us and our bodies. It gets even worse when you look at ingredient lists and see words you can barely even pronounce! Due to the lack of regulations on what ingredients companies can add to their products, known carcinogens, skin irritants and body function disruptors find their way into products you use daily. 
Well, we’re here to bust certain claims and tell you not to worry. There are certain harmful ingredients that you should stay away from, you can find out more here . But a lot of chemicals are actually good for you and necessary in your makeup!
Certain chemicals have moisturizing capabilities to give you soft, smooth and supple lips. Others act as antioxidants that help moisturize, hydrate and soften your lips. Chemicals are also present in the form of preservatives that are essential to ensure your products stay fresher and free from bacteria for longer. You can find out more about these ingredients and their benefits here . All of Avvai’s clean makeup products have been created using safe and nature inspired ingredients that have been scientifically researched, tested and analysed to create the best products for you! 

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