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How to read ingredient lists

by Avvai Beauty 13 Jul 2023

If you get overwhelmed looking at ingredient lists, you’ve come to the right place! We’re going to break down 3 steps that you can use to quickly understand what is in your cosmetics. 

  1. Look at the ingredients lists, AKA the INCI (International nomenclature of cosmetic ingredients) list. Focus on the first 10 ingredients as these are usually the most present in the product. If you find an ingredient that you know is bad for you in the first 10 ingredients, it’s probably best to look for a cleaner alternative. 
  2. Look for a safe preservative. This is extremely important in a product to make sure it lasts and to kill bacteria. One preservative you must avoid is Formaldehyde. This can be disguised in an ingredient list under the names DMDM hydantoin, formalin, methyl aldehyde, or quaternium 15. Safe and clean preservatives include Ethylhexylglycerin or Vitamin E AKA Tocopheryl Acetate.
  3. Do your own research. If possible, ask the brand about their ingredients and conduct your own research to see if the ingredients are actually clean. You can also use online resources like ingredient decoding apps and websites to help you out. Want to know how to check if your products are clean? Click here!

Feel free to reach out to us using this contact form  or DM us on Instagram if you have any more questions!

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