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Clean Beauty

What does clean beauty mean?

Clean beauty is when products are formulated without any known or suspected harmful ingredients to your health. These harmful ingredients can be linked to hormone disruption, reproductive problems, neurological system, cancer, and skin irritation.

But in the clean beauty world, there is a lot confusion of about ingredients and what doses are scientifically safe. This is the reason we decided to take clean beauty one step further. We created the category of transparent clean beauty with the promise to be honest about every aspect of our brand.

What does transparent clean beauty mean?

For us, this means being transparent about everything so you don’t have to do investigative work just to buy safe and clean makeup!


Our clean and vegan makeup combine ingredients that are safe for you with ingredients found in nature. Our chemists analyze the safety of each ingredient and its dosage. You can find out more here. Oh and everything is 100% cruelty-free too!


Our incredibly clean and high quality makeup formulas have been developed after thorough research with emollient rich ingredients and just the right amount of pigments to provide you with the highest quality formulas. See all our clean makeup here.


We believe in clean beauty without excess waste. Our Brow Friend Pencil comes with a spoolie brush that can be used even when the pencil is over – so it can have a permanent place in your heart (or makeup kit)!  Find out more here.

Quick Facts

The average woman uses 12 products daily, that is around 168 total ingredients per day. This means the average woman is exposed to multiple harmful ingredients every day.

The US is the largest beauty market in the world, but the US Cosmetic Regulations was last changed in 1938 with only one and a half pages of legislation that regulates the entire industry. This is crazy considering how much scientific research has been done since then!

The term 'fragrance' on ingredient lists can mean more than 3,000 different chemicals and makeup brands don’t have to legally tell you what they are. This means that there can be potentially harmful ingredients hidden in conventional cosmetic products.