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Sustainability Promise


The beauty industry can be wasteful. We want to make sure our clean beauty products are as sustainable as possible. Here is what we are doing…

Our clean eyebrow pencil is meant to be used forever!

Our clean eyebrow pencil comes with a spoolie brush that can be used even when the pencil is over – so it can have a permanent place in your heart (or makeup kit)! We encourage you to keep the product and repurpose it as a brow brush once you finish the pencil!

Our clean eyebrow pencil box packaging is 100% recyclable too!

Everything from our eyebrow pencil box to our luxury box is recyclable. In fact, our luxury box is uniquely designed with our sustainability goals in mind. We worked for weeks to come up with a design for the luxury box that can be reused. The box part of our packaging can be used at home to store your favorite makeup products or anything else! While the bag part of our packaging can be used to hold any items on the go!